Kevin CY Chen

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A Software Development Manager who is passionate about leading teams of Software Engineers to build cloud native SaaS and Web Applications with amazing experience

My technical strength can help organizations implement modern, serverless applications that can scale globally with growing user bases, and enable organizations to distribute work across autonomous teams, whether collocated or remote, to rapidly deliver impactful value to customers without slowing down the team's throughput

As a Software Development Manager, I lead teams of software engineers, help orchestrate larger projects, and develop and mentor more junior engineers. I'm responsible for ensuring that my teams have everything they need to be successful.

Over 18 years in the hi-tech industry, with increasing responsibility and ownership of technical architecture and systems. I am highly skilled in cloud-native SaaS application development using serverless technology stacks for frontend / DevOps teams.

I specialize in multi-product integration projects by architecting microfrontend web applications that scale with backend microservices using a combination of UX data-driven design, event-driven architectural patterns, serverless operational models, and agile development processes.

Best Practices

Proudly upholds the spirit of Agile development with DevOps Practices to optimize for flow of value delivery to customers continuously and sustainably.

I can design, build, test, deploy, and operate the software deliverables with a team through automation and execute a staged rollout plan to various target environments such as development, staging, and production.

While hypothesis-driven requirements help establish the business context and problem scope for engineering development, I also like to make great strides in telemetry and metrics tools for both systems and teams. This helps the developers who are building and running the software to make proactive decisions at an early stage based on historical trends, rather than simply reacting to incidents and problems as they occur.




As a fast learner with a passion for problem solving, these are some of the skills and technologies I have acquired through my years of experience as a Software Engineer. Many of them have contributed to the development of solutions and the completion of projects that have brought value to both the teams that I have led and the clients that I have worked for.

International Experience

Graduated as M.Eng. Software Engineering Specialization (2nd Class Honors) in New Zealand, worked as an expatriate in several countries, and worked with many more international teams around the globe. I speak English, Mandarin and basic Japanese, and have collaborated with team members who are either collocated or remotely distributed, or a hybrid of both.

Join Me

As I continue to expand the team of frontend developers and build frontend experiences at scale, I am always looking for a skilled frontend developer to help design and implement new microfrontend web applications that are continuously deployed to provide the best possible user experience for our customers.

If you are a high-performing software engineer with a DevOps mindset looking for opportunities to build outstanding frontend user experiences and APIs using cloud-native, cutting-edge technologies, feel free to drop me a message.

Get In Touch

If my experience as a hands-on Software Development Manager is very much aligned with what you are looking for, even though I may not be open to the current job market, I would still like to connect for networking.

Your valuable job referrals and matching opportunities are greatly appreciated. Always happy to hear from you!